Look of the Day





AVATAR: KMADD Complete Avatar ~ CEASAR (by Maddox Dupont)

EYES: MADesigns ~ INDIVIDUAL – heat Prim eyes (L) (by Maddox Dupont)

TATTOO: REPULSE ~ Slashed Cheek Wound Tattoo (Left) (by Max Lexigle)


SHIRT: GizzA – Safari Shirt [Army] (by Giz Seorn)

NECKLACE: COX ~ Necklace Tom (by stan storno)

PANTS:  COX ~ D*Pants Black (by stan.storno)

BOOTS: GizzA – Worker Boots (by Giz Seorn)

WEAPON: Brutal Weapons ~ Saberkatana (v1.0) (by Vorador Cortes)

WATCH: DECO ~ MESH Warrior Watch (by Orchid Zenovka)

CAP: COX ~ Army cap (by stan storno)

TAPED FIST: SiniStyle Taped Fist (by Krius Misfit)


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