Look of the Day





The Starz shoes. Unisex, Higly detailed mesh model, comes with HUD (with a special offer of 16 textured colors & 26 patterns and 4 shoe styles option available (Low sole + Tucked or Tied Laces. High platform sole + Tucked or Tied Laces). Resizeable (All scripts can be removed).




SKIN: Evian ~ Apollo – X-Pale (by Ramses Meredith)

EYES: MADesigns ~ ATTENTION ~ stable (by Maddox DuPont)

HAIR: Dura ~ Boys46 (by chiaki xue)


SHIRT: XIAJ@ Water Lantern Festival ~ Mandarin Jacket (by superjaix)  *Proceeds goes to victims of thyphoon in the Philippines, via American Red Cross

PANTS: [monso] My Cotton Jean – Grey (by Morphine Janick

SHOES: 2REAL ~ STARZ (by 2REAL Okelli)

VAGABOND ACCESSORY: XIAJ @ Water Lantern Festival ~ Elephant Vagabond Gacha (by superjaix) *Proceeds goes to victims of typhoon in the Philippines, via American Red Cross

SUNGLASSES: Kumaki Glasses Style ~ Rooster (by koguma Kumaki)


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