Styling Guide: Matching Colors for Suit

When putting the Core color and Accent color chart to specific practice, these are Colors that traditionally go well together, but remember this is only a guide.

Jacket Color Shirt
(and/or Pocket Square*)
Tie (and/or Pocket Square*) Trousers for Sports Jackets Belt/Shoes


white, blue, yellow, pink blue,  gold, yellow, burgundy, red, purple gray, tan black, brown or cordovan
Gray white, gray, yellow, pink, lavender, blue black, white, gray, green,  blue-green, burgundy, navy, any primary or pastel colors gray, black, navy black, brown or cordovan
Brown white, ecru, blue, yellow tan, black, brown, rust, orange, red, gold, yellow, green, burgundy tan, gray,
a different shade of brown.
brown or cordovan
Tan blue, ecru, white tan, brown, rust, orange, red, navy, black, navy, gray, brown, darker tan brown, black or cordovan
Olive white, ecru, gray, pale yellow, pale blue burgundy, rust, green, tan, yellow gray, tan, navy, brown brown or cordovan


white, light gray, yellow, blue black, white, grey, blue, olive, burgundy, any primary
or pastel colors
gray, tan black

Xmas Hunt @ L’accessoires

It’s a special month for the L’accessoires December Cycle. In conjunction to the normal cycle and the month of Christmas, L’accessoires is  also having L’accessoires Xmas Hunt!

Participating designers have placed a SPECIAL HUNT ITEM at their store and it is absolutely free for you! There is a Santa hat placed on the table of participating designer at L’accessoires. Simply click on the Santa Hat for LM to the respective store and look for the same Santa hat, using the given hint, at the designer store for the hunt item. The hunt item is absolutely free, when you locate the Santa hat, just click on the hat to buy the hunt item for L$0.

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