Look of the Day




SKIN: Evian ~ Apollo – X-Pale (by Ramses Meredith)

EYES: MADesigns ~ PURPOSE – dark fear (by Maddox DuPont)

HAIR: Amacci Hair ~ Seth (Carina Larsen


SUNGLASSES: Gabriel @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo~ Leather cover sunglass (by Takuya Jinn)

GLOVES: Gabriel @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo ~ Studded Globe  (by Takuya Jinn)

NECKLACE:Gabriel @ Jewelry & Accessory Expo ~ Key necklace (by Takuya Jinn)

SHIRT: CheerNo ~Shirt Leather (by CheerNo Destiny)

PANTS: CheerNo ~ DuncaPants_B (by CheerNo Destiny)

SHOES:  Elygo ~ Spike Sneakers  (Classic) (by Mari0 Capalini)

EARRINGS: MANDALA ~ ERO-SENSEI (by kikunosuke eel)


Diesel Works (by Rogan Diesel)


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