Look of the Day




SKIN: amitomo ~ samon skin (by woomi Latte)

EYES: Labyrinth ~ Radiant Eyes (by LabyrinthStarchild)

EARS: MANDALA ~ Pierced_ELF_EARS_VER1 (by kikunosuke eel)

HAIR: Dura ~ B&G63 (by chiaki Xue)

HAIRBASE: LANEVO ~ HAIRBASE – No.04 (by lantern oyen)

TATTOO: Speakeasy ~ Stray Tattoo (by jamesedwardq)

SCAR: REPULSE ~ Slashed Cheek Wound Tattoo (by Max Lexigle)


NECKLACE & BRACELET: MANDALA ~ Fearless (by kikunosuke eel)

TOP: …Scars… @ The Men’s Dept ~ Biker Jacket ver.2(by Sin Knoller)

PANTS: Lapointe & BastChild Designs ~ S’Wear Mesh (M) Zip Leather Pants (by BastChild Lotus)


Diesel Works (by Rogan Diesel)


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